National Training Center
National Training Center

Visitors to Kirtland AirForce Base

As a general rule, visitors without an HSPD-12 badge must be sponsored by an individual affiliated with KAFB to enter the base. If you are visiting the NTC without an HSPD-12 badge, the person responsible for your visit (or the NTC Seccurity Department, if you are attending a class) will initiate your sponsorship. You can obtain your short-term visitor pass at the Visitor Center at either the Gibson gate or Truman gate.

Note: Short-term visitor passes cover only the specific dates of the visit, and some restrictions may apply.

Please contact the NTC’s Security Department,, if you have questions about accessing the NTC campus.

Requirements for Kirtland Air Force Base Visitors

  • To ensure that you will have access to KAFB, please verify that your state is currently in compliance with the Real ID Act of 2005 by visiting the following websites:
      -  REAL ID Enforcement in Brief
      -  REAL ID Act
  • All persons entering the base without an HSPD-12 must be issued a short-term visitor pass from KAFB.
  • To be issued a short-term visitor pass, you must bring your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration (or rental car agreement) into the Visitor Center.
  • All personnel should have the following two forms of picture identification with them at all times: a driver’s license and the visitor’s pass issued by KAFB. The guards at the KAFB gate may ask for either or both of these items at their discretion.
  • Government vehicles: The driver must have a KAFB-affiliated badge.

Directions to the NTC Campus

Enter through either the Gibson, Truman, or Wyoming gates

  1. Continue east on Gibson Blvd. to the first stoplight (Pennsylvania St.).
  2. Turn right onto Pennsylvania St.
  3. Stay on Pennsylvania St. past the golf course until you reach the gated/fenced area.
  4. Just before the gated/fenced area, turn left on Barrack Rd. Stay left on Barrack Rd. at the fork.
  5. If you are a non-student visitor, you must sign in at the Administration Building (Building 30117) on the left side of the street, just past the fire station. Automated sign-in and badging instructions are provided on the screen in the lobby.
  6. If you are taking a class, you may report directly to your classroom.
  1. Continue south on Truman St. until the second stoplight (Randolph Rd.).
  2. Turn left on Randolph Rd. Follow Randolph around the curve to the end of the runway.
  3. Turn left on Hardin St.
  4. Turn right on Pennsylvania St. (first stoplight) and proceed as described in #3 above.
  1. Continue south on Wyoming Blvd. until it ends in a “T” intersection at Pennsylvania St.
  2. Turn left on Pennsylvania St. and proceed as described in #3 above.

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