National Training Center
National Training Center

The primary driver behind the Safety Training Program is the Technical Qualification Program (TQP). The objectives of this program are as follows:

  • Identify the competencies that employees must possess to ensure DOE defense nuclear facilities are operated in a safe manner.
  • Establish a program that clearly identifies and documents the process used to demonstrate employee technical competence.
  • Ensure that employees maintain their technical competencies.
  • Maintain a cycle of continuous performance improvement through structured individualized training and development programs.

The TQP currently features the safety-related qualification standards listed below. The TQP FAQs include the following:

Aviation Safety
Chemical Processing
Civil and Structural Engineering
Confinement Ventilation and Process Gas Treatment
Criticality Safety
Deactivation and Decommissioning (Archived)
Electrical Systems and Safety Oversight
Emergency Management
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Restoration (Archived)
Facility Maintenance Mgmt
Facility Representative
Fire Protection Engineering
General Technical Base
Industrial Hygiene
Instrumentation and Control
Mechanical Systems
NNSA Package Certification Engineer
Nuclear Explosive Safety Study
Nuclear Safety Specialist
Occupational Safety
Quality Assurance
Radiation Protection
Safeguards and Security
Safety Software Quality Assurance
Senior Technical Safety Manager
Technical Program Manager - Program Liaison
Technical Training
Transportation and Traffic Management
Waste Management
Weapons Quality Assurance

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