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Training Reciprocity

​​​​​Welcome to the Training Reciprocity Site

TRAINING RECIPROCITY is a DOE Health and Safety Reciprocity Policy (DOE P 364.1) and process certifying the fundamental content of health, safety, and security training courses as meeting requirements established by Federal regulations, national consensus standards, and DOE directives, allowing for portability of training courses across the DOE complex. Acceptance of fundamental training by other DOE organizations is required by the Policy.
To view the list of training providers who have been certified for Training Reciprocity, select Approved Reciprocity Training from the list to the left or scroll down the page.
For more information about participating in the Training Reciprocity program, please contact: 
John Lujan at 505-845-2306 or email


NTC-SOP-350 Training Reciprocity (Apr 2018) v1.pdf
5/16/2018 6:04 PMjohn.lujan


Aerial Lift Safety Awareness
Asbestos Awareness
Auditing Methods for Lead Auditors
Basic Rigging
Beryllium Worker
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cadmium Awareness
Chromium (VI)
Compressed Gas Cylinder
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AttachmentDetailsAerial Lift SafetyDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise8/14/2017
AttachmentDetailsAerial Lift SafetyIronworkers Apprentice and Journeymen Upgrade Training ProgramAll IW Sites11/4/2016
AttachmentDetailsAsbestos AwarenessDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise8/4/2016
AttachmentDetailsAuditing Methods for Lead AuditorsDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise1/10/2017
AttachmentDetailsBatteriesDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise1/10/2017
AttachmentDetailsBeryllium WorkerDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise3/6/2017
AttachmentDetailsBeryllium WorkerLos Alamos National LaboratoryLos Alamos Field Office8/4/2016
AttachmentDetailsBloodborne Pathogens InitialDepartment of Energy Training Institute (DTI)DOE Enterprise8/4/2016
AttachmentDetailsBloodborne Pathogens InitialInternational Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)All IUOE Sites8/7/2018
AttachmentDetailsBloodborne Pathogens InitialLos Alamos National LaboratoryLos Alamos Field Office10/5/2015
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