Welcome to the Federal Technical Capabilities Technical Qualification Program (TQP) SharePoint website.  The TQP provides a structured program for personnel who are performing oversight of defense nuclear facilities and other high hazard facilities, in which their position could impact the safe and secure operations of these facilities, or their positions are assigned line management, technical support, operation, or oversight responsibilities that provide assistance, guidance, direction, oversight, or evaluation of contractor activities that could affect the safe and secure operations of such facilities. The Federal Technical Capability (FTC) Panel is responsible for overseeing the overall implementation of the TQP Program. The NTC provides programmatic support to the FTC Panel.

Missions and Functions of the FTC Program

The Department of Energy is committed to developing and maintaining a technically competent workforce to accomplish its missions in a safe and efficient manner.  The FTC Program provides for the recruitment, deployment, development, and retention of Federal personnel with the demonstrated technical capability to safely accomplish the Department's mission and responsibilities.

The Department has identified guiding principles to accomplish that objective and identified four general functions of the FTC Program. The guiding principles and general functions are identified in DOE O 426.1B.

While the FTC Panel oversees the implementation of the TQP, headquarters and field elements are responsible for implementing specific activities within the program. Some activities addressing technical capability functions apply complex-wide; for example, the Department's Policies, Orders, and Standards, which promulgate requirements and guidelines for the administration of technical training. Other mechanisms vary from site to site or between program offices. For example, in implementing an Order directed at developing the technical capabilities of its workforce, each field office and Headquarters program office develops and implements a program that meets the complex-wide requirements defined in the Order. However, the offices are then free to customize implementation details to meet the needs defined by line management at each site or program office.

The principles of the FTC Program are the following:

  • As stated in the Department's Integrated Safety Management Guiding Principles:   Federal  personnel possess the experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to discharge their safety responsibilities;
  • Line managers are accountable and have the responsibility, authority, and flexibility to achieve and maintain technical excellence
  • Supporting organizations (personnel, training, contracts, finance, etc.) recognize line managers as customers and effectively support them in achieving and maintaining technical capabilities.
  • An integrated corporate approach is required to assure that necessary technical capabilities and resources are available to meet the overall needs of the Department's defense nuclear facility missions.
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