The Site Certification Program enables Department of Energy (DOE) facilities to conduct specified National Training Center (NTC) courses at their facility using their own instructors. NTC site certification is based on the site’s lead instructor qualifications, training facilities, and other staffing and records management capabilities, and the ability of the site to deliver the specified course to NTC standards. A facility must be certified separately for each course to be conducted at that site.

A DOE site must meet and adhere to four requirements to be authorized to present a specified NTC site-certified course:

  1. The site has obtained initial authorization to use the currently approved site-certified course materials, located on the NTC portal, as the basis for conducting the course for the site certification evaluation.
  2. The site’s facilities and equipment are approved for use in instructing the course for the site certification evaluation.
  3. The site has provided the NTC with requested documentation specific to the course prior to conducting the course for site certification evaluation.
  4. The course is conducted by site instructors who have been recognized through the site certification process and who are formally qualified for the lessons they will be teaching, according to the course’s site certification checklist.

NOTE: Please submit a site certification request to the NTC at least 60 days prior to the requested start date of the class.


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