As an integral part of the NTC training mission, the ISSTEC is a developing state-of-the-art facility providing DOE Federal and contractor personnel within the safety and security fields a realistic, hands-on training environment.

The facility provides, for example, a safe and controlled area in which to conduct performance-oriented force-on-force training utilizing a variety of Engagement Simulation Systems (ESS) technologies. The ISSTEC is truly where theory meets practical application.

Located off of Coyote Springs Road southeast of the NTC main campus and approximately 0.6 mile before the NTC LFR, the ISSTEC consists of nine main structures and classrooms within a fenced enclosure. The ISSTEC is available to DOE and DOE-affiliated entities as well as other authorized Federal and state agencies. For additional information, please contact ISSTEC/LFR Technology Manager, (505) 845-2226.

ISSTEC Contacts