National Training Center
National Training Center

Students can initiate an NTC course enrollment request by logging into the NTC LMS and selecting a session for enrollment (please follow the instructions in the NTC LMS Student Guide provided on the LMS website). An enrollment request email will be sent to the student’s Training POC for approval.

For students who cannot access the NTC LMS, the Training POC must submit the Registration Request Form for the student to be enrolled in the course.

Important Note for Students Attending Training at the NTC Campus in Albuquerque, NM:

Effective immediately, all visitors to Kirtland Air Force Base must have one of the following credentials: an HSPD-12 badge, a DoD Common Access Card (CAC), a military ID, or an active law enforcement credential.

Please review the NTC Visitor Letter for more information: Student Visitor Letter.

DOE Federal employees must submit their training requests in the Federal Corporate Human Resources Information System (CHRIS) and have their requests approved by their Training POC in CHRIS before their enrollment in the NTC LMS can be approved. Training will not appear on a Federal employee’s permanent record if it has not been authorized in CHRIS.

  1. Submit your training request in CHRIS in a timely manner, allowing sufficient time for the CHRIS authorization process in your organization. Contact the NTC CHRIS POC for more information.
  2. The NTC registrar will enroll you upon receiving notice that your CHRIS training request has been authorized.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email when your enrollment has been processed.

If you do not receive a confirmation email 2 weeks prior to the start date of the class, please contact the NTC CHRIS POC

  1. Log into the NTC LMS to select a course session for enrollment.
  2. An automated enrollment request will be emailed to your Training POC or supervisor, who will approve or deny the request.
    • If approved, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email.
    • If denied, you will receive a denial email and will need to contact your Training POC or supervisor.

Students will sign into the NTC LMS using their user name and password. if you do not know your user name or password, please go to eAccess and enter your email address into the retrieve credentials field. if the system does not recognize your email address, please contact registration.

Once logged into the LMS, you will then choose the eLearning course you would like to take.

It is the responsibility of Federal students to have their POC add the eLearning course to their CHRIS training record.

Training is available to non-DOE Federal and other government agency (state and local) employees, and requests for class seats from non-DOE students will be processed on a case-by-case basis. Non-DOE Federal or other government agency employees interested in taking an NTC course should have their supervisor submit a formal, written request, via email, to the Office of the NTC Director. Requests should specify parent agency, number of students, student names, class number, and class dates. Requests from other government agencies should be written on official agency letterhead and sent electronically. All requests should be received at least 60 days prior to class start date.

All local law enforcement agencies requesting permission to enroll into NTC courses must do so through their senior management (Chief, Deputy Chief, Sheriff, Under Sherriff, etc.).

If you have questions about the form or process, please email the Office of the NTC Director.

Following course completion, students receive completion certificates signed by the NTC Director. Copies of the completion certificates and NTC training records are available to students by logging into the NTC LMS website and clicking Transcripts.

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