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National Training Center

Distance Learning Support

The DOE National Training Center is moving forward with their initiative to be more accessible and more useful to the DOE community at large. In November 2011, the NTC Learning Management System was established to provide better service, content, and critical training to remote sites. The NTC LMS supports the NTC’s mission of providing more efficient, user-friendly, and site-accessible training. Now, DOE employees can access their NTC records, view and enroll in NTC courses, and take available NTC eLearning courses at will (24/7) from a single online address and from any computer with high-speed Internet access.

Students who complete an eLearning course on the NTC LMS will have their training history updated automatically with the course completion and can immediately print their certificate.

The NTC will be increasing not just the availability of the LMS, but also its flexibility by implementing blended learning in a wider range of courses. As DOE and its training entities develop courses to run on the NTC LMS, the number of eLearning and blended courses will grow.​


Mobile Training Teams (MTTs)

If a site has a large number of students needing a particular course, the site may request that the NTC deliver the course on site. To request additional offerings of a scheduled course, or if a course not on the schedule is needed to address emerging needs, please fill out a Nonscheduled Training Request Form and submit the form to the Office of the NTC Director. The NTC will examine the availability of instructors and the costs for delivering the course and respond to the requestor.

If you have questions about the form or process, please feel free to email the NTC Director’s Office.​​​

Training Resources

    Contact your respective Training Manager before submitting the Non-Scheduled Training Request Form.

    Training Note

    The following courses can only be presented at the NTC: PHY-100, PHY-120, PHY-130, PHY-200 and TTW-100.

    Training Contacts