National Training Center
National Training Center
Proforce Training Department

The NTC provides training to DOE and contractor Protective Force personnel who are involved in protecting DOE's vital national assets. Courses offered range from introductory to instructor-level. PFTD training at the NTC is conducted at the NTC Live Fire Range (LFR), at the Integrated Safety and Security Training and Evaluation Complex (ISSTEC), and via distance learning. Using mobile training teams (MTTs), the PFTD is also capable of conducting training at most field locations across the complex.

Protective Force training is supported by a variety of useful supplemental documents, including the DOE Target Folder Format, Firearms Modification List, Firearms Qualification Courses of Fire, Range Design Criteria, and Use of Bullet Traps and Steel Targets. The most frequently used documents are available here:

The PFTD’s armory also supports DOE Protective Forces with the operation of a full-service armory staffed with gunsmiths and armorers who certify/recertify the Department’s armorers, conduct machining operations, perform approved engagement simulation system (ESS) modifications, and maintain the DOE Authorized Firearms Modifications.

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