National Training Center
National Training Center

The Safety Training Program (STP) was established in December 2004 to design, develop, and implement quality training for DOE Federal and contractor employees who have safety-related responsibilities at DOE defense nuclear facilities.

The courses are designed to complement the DOE Technical Qualification Program and its associated DOE safety-related Qualification Standards. The mission of the STP is to foster a technically capable DOE workforce from a safety perspective, by recruiting, training, and retaining qualified safety professionals.

Course Catalog - Safety Training

Delivery Method(s):  
DOE-101DE, Department of Energy Orientation
DOE-110DE, Oversight Fundamentals
DOE-120, DOE Oversight and Implementation
DOE-130, Fundamentals of Performance Management
DOE-140, Integrated Oversight Plans
DOE-145, Oversight for Supervisors
DOE-200DE, Assessment Fundamentals
DOE-215, Assessment Preparation and Application
DOE-310, Oversight Data Analysis and Reporting
DOE-320, Causal Analysis and Corrective Action

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      Course Schedule - Safety Training

      Start DateEnd DateCourse NameCourse #Additional InfoLocationMaxMinWLConf
      03-09-202003-09-202003-12-202003-12-2020Assessment Preparation and ApplicationDOE-215(PREREQUISITE IS DOE-200DE)....(B)NTC, Albuquerque, NM; Tijeras Classroom1812011
      03-17-202003-17-202003-19-202003-19-2020Accident Analysis and Control Selection ReviewSBA-230Please check course description for details of pre-requisites (B)NV-NSO, Nevada Field Office, Great Basin Room (Left Room)2410018
      03-31-202003-31-202004-02-202004-02-2020Conduct of MaintenanceFOO-210(B)Hanford, HAMMER, Adm Bldg. 6091, Room 142415024
      04-07-202004-07-202004-09-202004-09-2020DOE Oversight and ImplementationDOE-120(PREREQUISITE IS DOE-110DE) (B)Hanford, HAMMER Training Center, Classroom 11241509
      04-14-202004-14-202004-16-202004-16-2020Safety System Oversight Duties and ResponsibilitiesSMP-200(FORMERLY SAF-270) (B)NTC, Albuquerque, NM; Manzano Classroom241504
      04-20-202004-20-202004-21-202004-21-2020Oversight Data Analysis and ReportingDOE-310(PREREQUISITE IS DOE-110DE) (B)DOE HQ Germantown2415014
      04-22-202004-22-202004-23-202004-23-2020Causal Analysis and Corrective ActionDOE-320(PREREQUISITE IS DOE-110DE) (B) DOE HQ Germantown2415018
      04-28-202004-28-202004-30-202004-30-2020Configuration ManagementFOO-230(B)ORO, Oak Ridge, TN, Building 2714, Room C1-22415010
      05-05-202005-05-202005-07-202005-07-2020Airborne Release Fractions and Respirable FractionsSAF-745(B)ORO, Oak Ridge, TN, Building 2714, Room C1-23015025
      05-19-202005-19-202005-21-202005-21-2020TSR ReviewSBA-240Please check course description for details of pre-requisites (B)NV-NSO, Nevada Field Office, Great Basin Room (Left Room)241009