The Safety Training Program (STP) was established in December 2004 to design, develop, and implement quality training for DOE Federal and contractor employees who have safety-related responsibilities at DOE defense nuclear facilities.

The courses are designed to complement the DOE Technical Qualification Program and its associated DOE safety-related Qualification Standards. The mission of the STP is to foster a technically capable DOE workforce from a safety perspective, by recruiting, training, and retaining qualified safety professionals.

Course Catalog - Safety Training

Delivery Method(s):  
DOE-101DE, Department of Energy Orientation
DOE-110DE, Oversight Fundamentals
DOE-120, DOE Oversight and Implementation
DOE-130, Fundamentals of Performance Management
DOE-200DE, Assessment Fundamentals
DOE-215, Assessment Preparation and Application
DOE-310, Oversight Data Analysis and Reporting
DOE-320, Causal Analysis and Corrective Action
DOE-320W, Causal Analysis and Corrective Action Workshop
EIP-100, HPI Fundamentals
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Course Schedule - Safety Training