Nuclear Safety Training Program

The courses are designed to complement the DOE Technical Qualification Program and its associated DOE safety-related Qualification Standards. The mission of the NSTP is to foster a technically capable DOE workforce from a safety perspective, by recruiting, training, and retaining qualified safety professionals.

Safeguards and Security

The goal of the Safeguards and Security (S&S) Training Program is to train DOE Federal and contractor employees in the protection of those security interests whose loss, theft, compromise, or unauthorized use would seriously affect national security, DOE programs, the environment, or the health and safety of employees or the public.

Protective Force Training Department

The NTC provides training to DOE and contractor Protective Force personnel who are involved in protecting DOE's vital national assets. Courses offered range from introductory to instructor-level. PFTD training at the NTC is conducted at the NTC Live Fire Range (LFR), at the Integrated Safety and Security Training and Evaluation Complex (ISSTEC), and via distance learning. Using mobile training teams (MTTs), the PFTD is also capable of conducting training at most field locations across the complex.

Enterprise Learning and Development

The Enterprise Learning and Development (ELD) Department was established to design, develop, and implement quality training for DOE Federal and contractor employees across a number of general, broad-based topical areas.

Contractor Acquisition University (CAU)

CAU is designed to meet the unique needs of DOE’s acquisition community, offering standardized procurement training in a variety of formats, including eLearning, virtual, and instructor-led training. CAU training is tailored toward the DOE contractor community and is instructed by seasoned DOE acquisition professionals. Through completion of this training, students will learn DOE-specific knowledge requirements not otherwise offered in the private sector.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The NTC LMS is hosted on site, which allows NTC staff to provide greater customer service and faster response times to users requesting account access, record management, and processing of training requests.

Training Resources

Distance Learning: The NTC has increased the availability and flexibility of the LMS by implementing blended learning in a wider range of courses.

Mobile Training Teams (MTTs): If a site has a large number of students needing a particular course, the site may request that the NTC deliver the course on site.


Students can initiate an NTC course enrollment request by logging into the NTC LMS and selecting a session for enrollment.

Student Information

This site includes information and requirements for visitors to Kirtland Air Force Base and directions to the NTC main campus. ​

Student Contacts