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National Training Center

In October 2011, the NTC launched its new learning management sys​tem, the NTC LMS. This new system is greatly enhancing the NTC’s ability to​ provide training and support services to its customers throughou​t DOE. The new NTC LMS is hosted on site, which allows NTC staff to provide greater customer service and faster response times to users requesting account access, record management, and processing of training requests. Additionally, the easy-to-use interface allows students to access course information, request enrollment into instructor-led sessions, launch eLearning courses, and print transcripts and completion certificates.

Please note that students can no longer access NTC courses through the DOE Online Learning Center (OLC²). All NTC courses, student records, and learning histories have been transferred from OLC² to the NTC LMS. NTC students can use their OLC² user IDs to log into the NTC LMS.


All students who were enrolled in a DOE NTC eLearning course through the OLC² were provided the opportunity to complete the course by October 14, 2011, and provide proof of completion (i.e., certificates) to the NTC Registration Department (via email at or fax 505.845.4567 (Fax)). All enrollments not meeting this deadline will need to be completed in the NTC LMS.

How to access the NTC LMS

All NTC OLC² accounts were migrated into the new NTC LMS, so students can access the new LMS with their existing username. However, passwords were not migrated from that system. So before you can log in to the NTC LMS, you will have to reset the password to your account. Request a new password at: Retrieve Credentials. To set up first-time access to the NTC LMS, visit the eAccess site and click Create New Account.

Once your account password has been reset, you will be able to access the NTC LMS by going to LMS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


​Yes, all historical course data and records have been migrated from OLC² to the NTC LMS.



​To reset your NTC eAccess account password, go to the NTC LMS and click the “Lost your password?” link underneath the input boxes. Once you’ve reset your password, return to the NTC LMS and sign in with your username and new password.



Enrollment is handled through the NTC LMS, and can be done by any student as long as there are no restrictions placed on the course by the student’s point of contact (POC) or by the NTC Registration Department.

(See ISA-DP-275 LMS, Student User Guide, located on the NTC LMS Guides page for additional details.) When a student submits an enrollment request, their POC is automatically notified and needs to make the decision to approve or deny the request. Site POCs may also run a report to view pending enrollment requests.



​To reset your NTC eAccess account password, go to the NTC LMS and click the “Lost your password?” link underneath the input boxes. Once you have reset your password, return to the NTC LMS and sign in with your OLC² username and new password.



​If you have never had an OLC² account, you must create a new NTC eAccess account.



​A Training POC is the individual who is responsible for coordinating training at a site. Students must request NTC training through their Training POC. If your Training POC is absent or otherwise unavailable, you may ask your manager to send an email to the NTC Registration Department, or by phone at 505.845.2250, for assistance.



​Contact the NTC Registration Department or by phone at 505.845.2250.



Yes. Federal DOE employees must receive supervisory authorization for training in CHRIS before their enrollment in the NTC LMS can be approved. Training will not appear on a Federal employee’s permanent record if it has not been authorized in CHRIS.

Please submit CHRIS training requests in a timely manner, allowing sufficient time for the CHRIS authorization process. Contact the NTC Registrar at (505) 845-2285,, for more information.



​CHRIS is the Corporate Human Resource Information System, where Federal employees request authorization for training. The ESS is the DOE Employee Self Service, an automated Web-based system that enables DOE Federal employees to use the Internet to view and update their personal, payroll, and training information.



​No. The NTC has moved toward a web-centric presence and uses email addresses to verify new accounts. If you would like more information concerning the future strategic direction of the NTC, please see the NTC 2015 Revitalization Plan.



​No. The student must still meet all approval requirements for the individual courses within the curriculum.



​Course approval, certificate, course activity, and learner activity reports are all available by default.



​All eLearning courses currently in progress may be completed in OLC² after the migration. If a student completes any courses in OLC² after the migration, they must forward proof of completion to the NTC Registration Department via fax (505.845.4567 (Fax)) or email.



​No, the NTC LMS is used specifically for NTC courses whereas the OLC² is used for mandatory DOE training as well as by other training elements within DOE.



​Contact the NTC Registration Department or by phone at 505.845.2250.



​If the learner has never had an OLC² account, they must create a new NTC eAccess account.



​Yes. Notify the NTC Registration Department if this is required at your site.



Non-DOE Federal or contractor employees interested in taking an NTC course should forward a written request to the NTC Director at the address below. Requests should specify parent agency, number of students, student names, class number, and class dates. Requests from other government agencies should be written on official agency letterhead and be sent by U.S. mail. Send requests to

Director NTC
P.O. Box 5400
Albuquerque, NM 87185

All requests should be received at least 60 days prior to class start date. Depending upon agency agreements, non-DOE students may or may not be required to pay for NTC training.



​Contact the Learning Management System Administrator at 505.845.2204.



​Most of the NTC's eLearning content was built for a 1280x1024 screen resolution. You will not be able to view the course properly if your computer's screen is set at a lower resolution.


LMS Contacts

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