In July 2020, DOE and the NTC launched its new learning management system for contractors – Learning Nucleus (LN). This new system greatly enhances the NTC’s ability to provide training and support services to its customers throughout DOE. The easy-to-use interface allows students to access course information, request enrollment into instructor-led sessions, launch eLearning courses, and print transcripts and completion certificates.

Please note that students can no longer access NTC courses through the former system, the Learning Management System (LMS). All NTC courses, student records, and learning histories can be transferred from LMS to LN.


Students can access eLearning course content using the course catalog in Learning Nucleus, located at

How to access Learning Nucleus (LN)

All LMS training history was migrated into the LN. Contractors can gain access to the LN by following the Contractor Initial Access instructions link on this page. These instructions also include the steps to connect previous training to your new LN account.​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Yes, all historical course data and records have been migrated from the former LMS to LN.



To reset your password, select the Forgotten Your Username or Password? link on the LN login page, which will take you to the Forgotten Password Help page.

Once you enter your username or email address, an email with reset directions will be sent to the email address linked to your LN account.



Enrollment is handled through LN and can be done by any student as long as there are no restrictions placed on the course by your site’s training point of contact (POC) or by the NTC Registration Department.



To log in to LN for the first time after migration please refer to the Contractor Initial Access document, located on the right under LN Resources. 



To get a Learning Nucleus account, please refer to the Contractor Initial Access, located under LN Recourses on the right.



A Training POC is the individual who is responsible for coordinating training at a site. Students must request NTC training through their Training POC. If your Training POC is absent or otherwise unavailable, you may ask your manager to contact the NTC Registration Department at or 505.845.2250 for assistance.



Contact the NTC Registration Department at 505.845.2250 for your site’s Training POC.



​No. The student must still meet all approval requirements for the individual courses within the curriculum.



​Course approval, certificate, course activity, and learner activity reports are all available by default.



All eLearning courses currently in progress can be completed in the LN after the migration; however, your progress on any of these courses will be reset and you must start your course over from the beginning.



Yes, LN is used for NTC courses, mandatory DOE training, and other training elements within DOE.



​Contact the NTC Registration Department or by phone at 505.845.2250.



If the learner has never had an LMS account, they must create a new LN account. Please refer to the Contractor Initial Access instructions, located under LN Resources on the right.



Yes. Notify the NTC Registration Department at 505.845.2250 if this is required at your site.



Non-DOE Federal or contractor employees interested in taking an NTC course should submit a Temporary Access Form which can be found on the LN login page. If you have any questions about which form you should fill out, contact the NTC SOS Team at 505.845.4767 or



Contact the NTC SOS Team at 505.845.4767 or


LN Contacts

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