The purpose of the Training Approval Program (TAP) is to validate Protective Force training for all DOE sites, as described in DOE O 473.2A Protection Program Operations. This applies to all Federal Protective Forces and Contractor Protective Forces. Qualification and training programs at all DOE sites must be based on criteria established and approved by DOE. TAP is a comprehensive means of fulfilling the requirements of DOE O 473.2A.

The NTC also provides TAP services for the following Safeguards and Security training programs:

  • Nuclear Materials Control and Accountability
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Protection
  • Information Security
  • Program Planning and Management

Visit the Department of Energy (DOE) National Training Center's (NTC) TAP SharePoint site to download the TAP Self-Evaluation Matrix and to query other DOE sites that are currently TAP certified or are in the process of obtaining TAP certification. For access to the TAP SharePoint site, please contact John Lujan of the NTC's Certifications Programs and Student Services Department.

The Contractor TAP Submittal Report is due to the NTC at least 60 days prior to the TAP evaluation visit. The documentation requirements for the TAP Submittal Report have been greatly reduced from the past five years.

The NTC TAP team conducts a site-evaluation visit to review the actual training products. In addition, a site may request a site-assistance visit.

TAP recertification normally begins 12–13 months in advance of the TAP expiration date. Although the NTC will usually notify sites of recertification, the Federal oversight entity or the contractor may initiate contact with the NTC TAP Manager if notification has not already occurred.

The local DOE Federal oversight entity may require a new TAP certification in the event of a major change. Examples may include changes in site contractor, mission, contract, conditions, or equipment. Contractors should check with their local DOE/NNSA Federal staff to determine whether changes require a new certification. The NTC TAP Manager and DOE Federal staff are available to assist in determining whether circumstances warrant a new TAP certification.

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