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National Training Center

NTC training for the Vulnerability Assessment (VA) program element supports long-term, risk-management-based DOE policy through a systematic evaluation process. The process applies quantitative or qualitative techniques or both to arrive at an effectiveness level for an S&S system. NTC VA courses are intended for DOE Federal and contractor personnel and for other government agencies who work in the Physical Protection or Program Planning and Management (PPM) program elements.

The NTC's fundamental VA courses provide an introductory knowledge of the systematic VA approach for evaluating S&S effectiveness against theft or sabotage by different adversaries and include the use of the ASSESS and ATLAS software. These courses address how to identify targets, define threats, characterize the protection system of facilities, and conduct elementary insider and outsider analyses. They also cover the calculations required to perform the various VA analyses in support of determining system effectiveness.

The NTC is currently conducting a curriculum review and revision of its series of advanced VA courses.

For SANDI reports, please contact Mr. Steve Jordan, Research Librarian (505-844-4818),

6400 Safeguards and Security Library Dept. 106602
Sandia Staffing Alliance, LLC
Under Contract to Sandia National Laboratories

To receive ASSESS-ATLAS updates, please contact:

International Nuclear Security Engineering, 6812
Sandia National Laboratories (505) 284-8989

The Risk Assessment Department will verify your contact information, your need-to-know, and your graduation from VAP-240, ASSESS-ATLAS with the NTC. Upon verification, the office will send you any available updates and other ASSESS-ATLAS information. ‚Äč

Course Catalog - Vulnerability Assessment

Delivery Method(s):  
SRM-100DE, Security Risk Management
VAP-140, Vulnerability Assessment Fundamentals
VAP-316, Vulnerability Assessment Baseline

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