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The purpose of the Personnel Security (PERSEC) Program is to ensure that granting an individual access to classified matter or special nuclear material (SNM) will not endanger the common defense and security and would be consistent with national security interests. PERSEC courses are intended for DOE Federal and contractor personnel who work in the PERSEC Program and adjudicate personnel security cases. NTC PERSEC courses include distance learning and instructor-led courses that cover analysis, application of the National Security Adjudicative Guidelines, methods for resolution of derogatory information, and the Administrative Review process.

Training is required for all cleared DOE Federal and contractor adjudicators, adjudicative support staff, and other key officials. The NTC, in coordination with the DOE Office of Departmental Personnel Security, establishes expectations for a Department-wide training program for personnel security specialists in accordance with DOE and national policies. This mandatory professional and continued education program for personnel security specialists includes mechanisms to assure timely, appropriate, and consistent personnel security processing.‚Äč

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