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CAU-110DE, Contracting Guiding Principles Online Course
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    Online Course
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  • Description:
    This course provides the basic learning for a DOE Prime Contractor to understand contracting acquisition principles.
  • Audience:
    Procurement teams from DOE NNSA and EM sites.
  • Goals & Objectives:
    Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to: 1) Define key terms. 2) Identify the roles and responsibilities of the buyer. 3) Identify general concepts of contract principles. 4) Define prime contract and subcontracts and their relationship. 5) Define privity of contract. 6) Identify specific contract clauses. 7) Define the unique nature of MO contracts. 8) Identify the purpose of a standard of conduct. 9) Identify the elements included in a standard of conduct. 10) Identify the role of ethics within contracting. 11) Identify conflict of interest elements. 12) Identify sources of law and guidance. 13) Identify knowledge management elements. 14) Identify roles and responsibilities of the contract management team. 15) Identify the purpose of document and record management. 16) Define the process for documenting rationale in decision-making and business judgement.
  • Prerequisites:
CAU-120DE, Contracting Lifecycle Overview Online Course
DOE-101DE, Department of Energy Orientation Online Course
DOE-110DE, Oversight Fundamentals Online Course
DOE-120, DOE Oversight and Implementation Instructor Led Course
DOE-130, Fundamentals of Performance Management Instructor Led Course
DOE-145, Oversight for Supervisors Instructor Led Course
DOE-200DE, Assessment Fundamentals Online Course
DOE-215, Assessment Preparation and Application Instructor Led Course
DOE-310, Oversight Data Analysis and Reporting Instructor Led Course
DOE-320, Causal Analysis and Corrective Action Instructor Led Course
ECP-200, Employee Concerns Program Training (ECP) for ECP Managers and Professionals Instructor Led Course
EIP-100, HPI Fundamentals Instructor Led Course
EIP-120DE, Accident Investigation Overview Online Course
EIP-200V, HPI Event Investigation Instructor Led Course
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