Basic Security Police Officer Training (BSPOT)

Welcome to the National Training Center’s BSPOT Web site. The Web site has been redesigned to become more efficient and provide additional resources for the DOE BSPOT mission. Access to this site is assigned using NTC Portal Accounts.

BSPOT Mission Statement

Within the DOE community, armed protective-force systems exist to deter and defeat terrorist actions that could have major adverse impact on national security. Effective training of DOE’s armed protective force is vital to safeguarding our nation’s assets.

The BSPOT program trains the SPO-I and SPO-II personnel who provide security responses at different levels, as follows:

SPO I ---- Trained to support operations in interruption, interdiction, neutralization, containment, and denial strategies against adversaries. SPO-I personnel are trained to operate in mobile patrol and fixed posts, with the primary function of providing a static defense while staffing defensive fighting positions and Central Alarm Stations.

SPO II ---- Trained to execute interruption, interdiction, neutralization, containment, and denial strategies and to support recapture/recovery efforts and fresh-pursuit operations. SPO-II personnel are trained for a more active role, i.e., operating as small-unit tactical teams from mobile patrols and tactical vehicles, with access to specialized weapon systems and equipment. SPO-II personnel are trained to operate in fixed-post and fighting positions while providing an active defense against adversaries.

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Through a BSPOT portal account, the BSPOT Web site offers the entire current BSPOT curriculum as file downloads. Two new areas are now available in the download menu. The “BSPOT Working Group” section will offers minutes or information produced by the SRT working group. The “Other” section is a source of other information for users.